Galway: Coffee and Tea

Coffee has to be one of the fundamental components of my daily diet, so it is only fitting that I explore and write about my options in the city that I live in. When it comes to Ireland, my favorite coffee brand is Bewley’s. That is the one I purchase in the store to make at home. However, the only Bewley’s coffee shop is in Dublin. Therefore, I have made it my mission to hunt down great coffee in a land that is known for tea. Here are my go-to’s for a nice cup of coffee. And because this is Ireland, a country that has managed to open my palette to loose leaf, I also have to include tea options.

1. Urban Grind. After much searching, this was the first shop that satisfied my coffee cravings in Galway. They import their coffee from a variety of countries like Kenya and Colombia, so there is an option for any preference. Their food is fantastic as well, especially the options on the breakfast menu.


2. The Secret Garden. Located two doors down from Urban Grind, this cozy tea shop provides a large variety of loose leaf teas to choose from. Each glass pot is labeled with the ingredients, making is easier to choose the ones that sound appealing and smell them before deciding on one. The atmosphere is ideal for a relaxing time with friends or study time on your own, along with board game options, books to pick from, relaxing music, cushions on the floor and terrible phone signal to escape the world outside that door. Ordering hookah is also an option in this must-visit tea shop.


3. Coffeewerk + Press. Speaking of great environments, this one has my favorite atmosphere when enjoying a cup of coffee. The shop doubles as a showcase space for local and international artists and designers. The highly creative and artistic environment will surely motivate those of us who enjoy sipping coffee while sketching and drawing. If you ever want to find me while in Galway, there is a good chance that I will be sitting on that windowsill with cushions in the picture below.


4. Kai Café + Restaurant. Kai looks primarily like a rather hipster restaurant, but as soon as you walk in, your gaze will most likely drift towards the incredible selection of cakes and sweets. Besides not being able to resist one of those hazelnut culinary creations, I ordered a macchiato and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. This is a bit of a pricier option, but very well worth the visit.


5. Java’s Creperie and Cafe Francais. Getting a bit more international here, Java’s is a treat you simply cannot miss. Their drink menu consists of one of the most creatively varied coffee options I have ever encountered. From traditional espresso and macchiato to cinnamon latte and banana mocha (which is amazing, btw), the hardest part is to decide on which one to have. They also have an extensive selection of savory and sweet crepes, which are also quite fantastic. Java’s also has more extended hours than most places, closing between 11pm-1am, depending on the day. Highly convenient to those with complicated schedules like mine.


6. Cupán Tae. Leaving the best for last, because this place deserves a whole post dedicated to it. When you walk in, it feels like you are entering a life-size doll house. That alone would get me hooked. As you explore the menu, you get sucked in their creative house tea blends and homemade cakes. Before you know it, Cupán Tae has become part of your weekly routine. Since the first month of living in Galway, a few friends and I have been having breakfast here every single Sunday. There is always a new tea blend to try and the staff is composed of some of the nicest and loveliest people I have met. Eating their Rosemary Savory Scone or Salmon Tart while sipping on some Emerald Isle or Christmas Cheer (my two favorite blends) has become an experience that defines what has become ‘home’ in Ireland.



Hope you enjoy one or more than one of the coffee and tea options that I am loving in Galway. What are your favorite places to recharge your caffeine intake around the world?




26 thoughts on “Galway: Coffee and Tea

  1. Great run-down of what look like some awesome venues. I’m not a coffee drinker myself (or any other hot drinks for that matter!) but I’d certainly be partial to some of those sweet treats in those shops!


    1. Glad to hear this 🙂 I used to completely ignore tea until I moved to Ireland. There are way too many great tea options to ignore. I will always have a preference towards coffee, but I’m becoming a bit of a hybrid.


  2. I travel with my kids and rarely have time to stop and relax for a good coffee. Around my hometown a number of places have live musicians in the evenings, almost like a pub. Coffee works +Press seems like a great place to mix culture and coffee!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is such a great idea! Here, the live music tends to be just in pubs. Although it has happened before that random people bring their acoustic guitar to a tea/coffee place and jam a little bit. It makes my day!


    1. Funnily enough, I still have not gotten used to that wall. Sometimes I feel like I’m being watched. Then I remember it’s a painting. Maybe one day I’ll attempt painting him back.


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