Edinburgh: Food and Drinks

If you are a sheep, pork, and whisky fan, you will love Scotland for those three reasons alone. Great food and whisky variety can be very easily found, and on the most part, very affordable. Here are some of my favorite spots.

1- Oink

According to the hostel receptionist, this place is an Edinburgh institution. Everyone loves and talks about it, and I quickly found out why. This is not for vegans or vegetarians, but for those of us who enjoy good pork meat, you will appreciate being able to see exactly where your food is coming from. They present the roasted pig on the window, and for £3.95 you get to fill a sandwich with it. This may or may not have been my lunch on a daily basis.

I highly apologize if you are vegan or vegetarian. No more dead animal photos in this post, I promise.
I highly apologize if you are vegan or vegetarian. No more dead animal photos in this post, I promise.

2- Hemma

I love eating in couches, so I was immediately excited about this place when I saw how spacious and comfy it was. I walked around before choosing a table in order to pick the most comfortable-looking couch. As for the food, after eating haggis for four days in a row, the one included in the ‘Hemma Breakfast’ was my favorite. The whole dish was quite the treat, but the haggis especially I could have eaten every day.

3- The Dome

As I approached the location following my very trusted Google Maps, I honestly thought I was in the wrong place. This looked like a hotel from the outside. I still went in, and I am so glad I did. The interior was beautifully decorated for Christmas, including a giant tree on top of the bar. There is a table section if you’re having just drinks and another one for those having dinner. I had the pleasure of enjoying the best Espresso Martini I have ever had, along with amazing service from the bartenders and waiters. Whenever you get to walk around Edinburgh’s New Town, this place is a must.


4- The Hanging Bat

For those fellow beer fans out there, you will love enjoying one of this microbrewery’s fermented creations. With plenty of options that are consistently changing, there will most likely be one (or five) that your tastebuds will appreciate. The pub also has a comfortable and quiet, yet conversational atmosphere and the bartenders are always there to give you recommendations and taste tests.

5- The Devil’s Advocate

This pub is particularly hard to find, but well worth the search. It is located down the stairs of one of those alley streets, making you feel like you’re about to join a mafia meeting. I was interested in trying out whiskies from Islay. The bartender was very knowledgeable and helped me find my new favorite scotch. (Caol Ila, by the way. Try it!)



8 thoughts on “Edinburgh: Food and Drinks

  1. Oh, my gosh! I love the Christmassy picture – I imagine Christmas in Edinburgh is simply magical!!! The pig looks awesome too. Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities in the world!


  2. Great post! I don’t know much about Edinburgh, but I’ve heard that the food is terrible haha. That first picture is dreamy though, it reminds me of the cuchinillo in Segovia, Spain. Now THAT is some pig!


  3. This is really helpful since I will be in Edinburgh next weekend! I am a little skeptical about the haggis, but think I have to force myself to try it at least once? Sounds like you really like it?

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